Founder Of TRIPPISM.

The art that I create is similar in style to alchemical illustrations, but they are deeper in complexity. I discovered this specific style throughout the course of many years. My work started off as geometric patterns and shapes. As my skill, confidence, and self-transformation progressed, my creations started to evolve. Many meanings in everything I create. Rarely are they linear. Go and explore. Share pieces of my soul, it’s a potluck.


Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories.

Web Design

Proficient in most popular Content Management Systems, including Bootstrap. Also adept at system installations.

Graphic Design

The process of creating graphics for companies advertisements, magazines, or books.



Collaborations can be done across all mediums of creation. Contact for more information.

Custom Variations

Want something done a little differently? We can have the designs printed on other shirt types as well, this extends to the bulk of our products.

Design Work

The process of creating graphics for companies advertisements, websites, magazines, or books.

Custom Apparel

Custom Apparel can be made for you personally or your business. Turnaround times may vary depending on the Apparel or Merchandise being proposed.

Buyer 2 Buyer (B2B)

Buyer 2 Buyer services are available. Buying in bulk to resell in your businesses. Contact for more information.

Custom Artwork

Creating Artwork, Photomanipulations, and Edits. Creating something unique and special, comes with a complimentary canvas print. 



I put my soul into what I create. I am capable of designing fashion lines, logos, graphics, and more. I can also design websites at a professional level. If there is something I cannot do I know someone who can. I can also design custom clothing, art, and more for you or your company. I can also provide variations of existing creations.